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Coronavirus - Letter to Parents/Carers

Useful Contacts and Emergency Assistance for Families 

Newham COVID-19 Service Updates

3rd April 2020

Dear Parents, Carers and Children,

We have now been in this new way of working for a couple of weeks.   I want to say a huge thank you to you for all that you have been doing during this time.  I know that things are not easy but so many of you have sent lovely messages and offered support; these have been very gratefully received by all of us. I am very proud to be part of this community and can assure you that our staff and everyone at the Trust continues to work very hard, this really is a true testament  to working together to achieve for all.

In normal circumstances, today would have been the last day of term and the start of the holidays. I would therefore urge you all to use the next two weeks as a break and not to be asking children to work on their education packs. Our schools have provided lots of information about learning but we will not be sending any other information on learning until after the Easter holidays.

I am aware that some of you are concerned about your child’s education but we are not expecting you be home schooling your child. These are exceptional times and we need to do things differently for the short term. Please do not worry as when we return to normal, our schools will be teaching children anything that they may have missed during this period. By all means use the information that we have sent home.  Our schools will be staying open over the Easter period for key groups of children but this is childcare and not education. After the holidays we will be giving more information regarding learning at home but please note that this will not be live teaching and we will be exploring other ways that children can learn without having to spend all day in front of computer screens.

As a Trust we continue to do everything we can to support parents and due to the unique circumstances will be ensuring that anyone that is entitled to free school meals  will have this extended over the forthcoming holidays.

Over the next two weeks we are introducing Bed Time Stories which will start on the TTLT website and on our Facebook page Tapscott Learning Trust. These will be at 6pm every evening, Monday to Friday starting on 6th April and will feature different members of our staff. We do think that the children will love this idea and particularly like to see members of staff on screen during this time, so if possible, please encourage them to tune in nightly.

Don’t forget, if you need non-medical/non educational support please contact the Trust’s Helpline on  07944 224 266, Monday to Friday 10am-3pm. School staff will be on hand to signpost parents to external services and offer help where possible.

Please take the next two weeks to take the opportunity to do things as a family and for those of you that are celebrating Easter, I wish you a happy holiday.


Best wishes,

Paul Harris


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