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  • Kensington Primary... Primary School of the Year!

    Published 30/11/20

    Kensington Primary School has been awarded the Pearson Gold Award for Primary School of the Year: Award for Making a Difference!

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  • "It's been great to see so many smiley, happy faces in school this morning" - A message from our CEO, Paul Harris

    Published 08/03/21
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  • World Book Day 2021 at Kensington Primary School

    Published 05/03/21

    Every year ‘World Book Day’ spreads a powerful and positive message about books and reading, a message that was loud and clear at Kensington Primary School yesterday. Children were excited to share and celebrate their favourite books and characters.

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  • 'Partnership work between the schools, parents and children has really shown how well everyone's worked together' - A message from our CEO, Paul Harris

    Published 04/03/21
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  • "We're working really hard to make sure that we're doing everything we can to keep everyone as safe as possible" - A message from our CEO, Paul Harris

    Published 24/02/21
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  • 'Write Your Own Future' - An open letter of support

    Published 22/02/21

    Our children and young people need hope. They need to know we understand what is important to them and will be there to support them. As Headteachers, teachers, parents, CEOs and stakeholders we have written this open letter to all young people.

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  • Curwen Primary: A Gold Shakespeare School!

    Published 12/02/21

    Curwen Primary School has been awarded Gold Shakespeare School status! The Shakespeare Gold award recognises schools who have pledged to keep creativity high on their agenda, whilst providing their students with opportunities to create and learn through the unique power of Shakespeare!

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  • 'I'm so proud to be part of such an amazing community of schools' - A Message from our CEO, Paul Harris

    Published 11/02/21
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  • Express Yourself: Children's Mental Health Week at Ranelagh

    Published 05/02/21


    This week Ranelagh Primary and Nursery School was awash with different shades of yellow to celebrate Children’s Mental Health Week. 

    The theme this year was 'Express Yourself', and learning to do so in a range of ways! This could be through art, music, drama and a few cool dance moves. The pupils took this challenge up with extreme enthusiasm using Lockdown Learning  and Google Classrooms to share how they could prioritise their mental health.

    From singing songs in the Early Years to passionate debates in Year 6, the children practiced the many ways they could achieve a positive state of mind. They enjoyed sketching, playing marbles and one student even practised beating their own record of solving a rubik cube puzzle as a way of calming down and relaxing.


    Parents even got involved and told staff during the coffee mornings how they were keeping good mental health.

    ‘A daily walk in the park helps get rid of mine and the children’s worries’. One parent was brave enough to ‘switch off the television and just talk to each other’. 

    The week was rounded off by Ranelagh's Friday celebration assembly - a time when the school comes together, become connected and enjoy each others company. 

    Due to this pandemic, children are spending long periods indoors and  are unable to see friends and family. Now, more than ever, it is important to raise awareness of good mental health and  to encourage our children to talk about their feelings. 

    For more ideas and support on Mental Health for you and your family see or speak to a member of staff for more information.


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  • Kensington Primary: Flagship School Status!

    Published 04/02/21

    It has just been announced that Kensington Primary School is now a Flagship Status school under the IQM Inclusion Mark! This is an exceptional accomplishment, and this prestigious recognition is testament to the hard work of everyone at the school. The assessor said:

    "This is an emotionally intelligent school led by a Headteacher who is open, thoughtful and honest. I am confident that Kensington Primary School fully meets the standard required by the Inclusion Quality Mark’s Inclusive School Award.

    This is a very understanding and supportive school. This openness has come from the Headteacher who has shared his anxieties and vulnerabilities with his team. Staff are able to weather the storms because the senior leaders have created a strong and supportive safety net."

    Such high praise couldn't be more deserved, we're so proud of everyone at Kensington for this incredible achievement! This comes just two short months after the school won the Pearson Gold Award for Primary School of the Year, Helen Harris, SENCo at Kensington, won the Pearson Silver Award for Excellence in Special Needs Education, and Kensington won the Tes Award for Wellbeing & Mental Health. We can't wait to see what they do next!


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  • 'It is a real privilege to be able to be part of our fantastic communities' - A message from our CEO, Paul Harris

    Published 04/02/21
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  • Leah: Year 2 at Curwen

    Published 03/02/21


    Over the past couple of weeks one of Curwen's Year 2 pupils, Leah, took time out of her busy remote schooling schedule to draw some beautiful pictures. It was great to see that even though she could not be with us at school right now, she is still continuing to be creative and share her talents. 


    We particularly enjoyed her use of colour to bring the people alive on the page and her drawings of unicorns. It was lovely to see them dancing amongst the rainbow!  Leah is clearly a very talented drawer!


    We were especially pleased to hear that in an attempt to cheer people up at this difficult time, Leah has been sending out her art work to others in the community such as The Together Café. This is a fantastic centre in Newham that supports adults with their mental health and they responded by saying how very grateful they were for her thoughtfulness.


    We are proud that as a member of Curwen, Leah is always thinking of others and her art work certainly brought a smile to all of us who are working at Curwen at the moment. Well done Leah!


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