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Tapscott Learning Trust

Tapscott Learning Trust

Curriculum Statement

At The Tapscott Learning Trust,  our schools a high level of independence in regards to the curriculum  arrangements. This is to ensure they best reflect the needs of the pupils within the schools and the schools local community.

Through our training hub we that staff from all rust and partnership schools have opportunities to train together.  This allows them to share knowledge and expertise and challenge each other. The hub also allows for us to support staff new to  and in their early years of teaching. 

Further to this we ensure that there is cross moderation across  our schools of pupils work and bench marking tests. This allows us to look at and review provisions to ensure all children are receiving the very best teaching, learning and support.

We  also ensure that pupils voice is promoted in all schools. This is through our School Council and The Tapscott Learning Trust Pupil Parliament. Part of the Council and Parliament roles are  to consult about the curriculum in each school.

For more information about each of the school’s curriculum arrangements please see the links below:

Curwen Primary School

Ranelagh Primary School

Kensington Primary School

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