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Further Development of Teaching & Learning

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Session 3: 9th March 2021
Session 4: 27th April 2021
Session 5: 15th June 2021

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Session 1: Remote Learning - What has/is your experience been like as a remote teacher? How successful was it and what do you feel are the areas we could develop and improve to make remote learning meaningful?

These are some of the questions we will be exploring in a new emerging area that will explore ways in which we can make the most of remote learning with our classes. 

Session 2: Differentiation and Adaption 

Session 3: Teaching Strategies including Gender Styles - Teaching is so diverse and different for each practitioner. What teaching strategies work best? What similarities exist and what are those we do not often use? How do our children react differently and does gender matter?

This session will explore the different teaching styles and strategies and examine ways in which we address individual pupils needs without creating unnecessary demands on teachers. 

Session 4: Providing Effective Feedback 

Session 5: Creating Creative Lessons

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