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Tapscott Learning Trust

Tapscott Learning Trust

Meet the Team

Paul Harris - Chief Executive Officer 

Paul has spent all of his teaching career in the east end of London. He is currently the Executive Head Teacher of four schools, two of which he led to outstanding with Ofsted, as well as one nursery and children’s centre, all within the London Borough of Newham. Paul is passionate about ensuring that all children are given the very best life chances and has a proven track record of tackling key contextual issues to lead schools rapidly and sustainably to being outstanding in all categories.

Named Head Teacher of the Year in 2015, Paul is also a National Leader in Education (NLE) and school improvement advisor working with schools in challenging circumstances. Paul is a regular speaker at educational events, particularly after his involvement as a member of the DfE’s Rochford Review.

Karen Shirt - Executive Trust Officer   

Karen joined Curwen Primary School in 2015 as a PA to Paul Harris. Over the last few years, her job has changed drastically in line with Paul’s own growing and developing role. Karen is the Trust’s Governance Officer, working closely to develop all LAB’s of the existing Trust schools’ and also supports the Governing Body at Rebecca Cheetham Nursery and Children’s Centre.

Karen is also Company Secretary of the Trust.


Femi Otukoya - Finance Director 


Femi is a fellow of the ACCA and has worked at a senior level across the Public Sector for about 15 years; most recently as a Deputy CFO in a CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) in the NHS, and also across Adults and Children’s Social Care.  In this capacity she has had experience supporting the strategic leadership in ensuring financial strategy and stability across the organisation. She is also experienced in communicating financial information to a variety of non-finance audiences; and to the board; as well as internal and external statutory reporting.  Femi has experience as a school governor over many years and she also supports a local charity as an non-executive board member.

Daniel Mansfield - Training Hub Director  

As a Training Hub Director, Daniel manages, coordinates and leads on key training programmes which have been developed for staff across the trust and outside partnerships. He has worked in Newham for the last ten years as a teacher undertaking various roles throughout his career. Staff development is a key area that he now leads in order to equip  staff with the knowledge and skills to carry out their roles effectively, providing children with an excellent education.


Daniel firmly believes that continual reflection, research and adaption of approach are key principles undertaken which allow the trust to develop new programmes of support and improve the quality of leadership, teaching, learning and staff development at all levels.

Jane Howard - HR Manager

Jane is a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and holds an MA in Human Resource Management.  She has worked at a senior level across the Public Sector for about 15 years; most recently as ER Adviser for Newham Partnership Working and, prior to this, Jane was HR Officer in a large Community School in Bow.  In this capacity she has had experience supporting a wide range of Schools across Newham in partnership with the Local Authority.  Jane is also experienced in Safeguarding Children and Safer Recruitment in Education. 

Paul Belcher - Competitions Lead and Sports Development 

Paul has worked within Sports Development / School Sports for 15 years. Since 2012, as P.E subject leader at Curwen Primary School and before that as a School Sports Competition Manager in Havering and before that, Healthy Living and Sport Project Manager for West Ham and Plaistow NDC. Qualified to teach / coach a variety of sports, Paul is also a FA Level 3 (UEFA B) Licenced Coach, Academy Scout at a Premier League Club and was Essex FA Coach of the Year and Newham Community Sports Coach of the Year in 2010. Paul also manages the Newham Primary District Boys Football Team.

Aaron Greenidge - Sports Coach

Aaron has been a PE coach for 5-6 years, teaching across both Primary and Secondary schools. In 2012, he graduated with a BSc in Sports Psychology & Sports Massage Therapy. Aaron has worked in over 30 different schools, providing a plethora of sports and classroom-based lessons.

Specialising in Flag American Football, Aaron has taken this sport to many schools where it is often experienced it for the first time. He uses his knowledge of the sport with the passion and enthusiasm he always gives when he teaches. Aaron gained these skills whilst working with NFL UK for 2 years, teaching in 2 schools a day, 5 days a week in 4 different boroughs. During this time, Aaron worked with professional coaches and players that helped him build his career and gain the confidence to teach in all conditions, situations and sectors. Aaron has also completed Flag Football courses for ages 7 -16.

Although Aaron specialises in Flag Football, he has taught all sports across Primary and Secondary schools to an excellent standard. He is trusted and appreciated in all the schools he has worked in, and is always looking for ways to improve and enhance sport within them.

Eleanor Hulls - NQT Lead 

Eleanor works as our NQT Lead across the Trust. She is responsible for planning, co-ordinating and delivering key aspects of training which has been developed through schools, using experienced staff and leaders from across the Trust.  As well as delivering training, she supports NQTs through modelling lessons, team teaching and provides support at the planning stages. She has developed an award winning platinum NQT programme which has 100%  success rate and continues to develop and adapt the programme according to the skills of our current NQTs. She loves her role and works collaboratively with leadership teams to ensure high quality provision. She believes in inspiring and motivating children to learn through lesson delivery and is passionate about ensuring children aspire to be their best. Eleanor believes that continual reflection and communication with NQTs is vital in ensuring NQT development is at its highest standard.

Sophie Donovan - NQT Lead

I am the NQT development lead for the Trust. I am responsible for planning and co-ordinating the programme that offers a range of training for our NQTs. These training sessions are facilitated by myself and other experienced staff from the Trust. As well as training, I support the NQTs through the modelling of lessons, team teaching, and planning a sequence of lessons together. I am extremely passionate about education and ensuring children are receiving high quality teaching. I work collaboratively with leaderships team to ensure the NQTs needs are met.  

Keith Boothe - ICT Learning & Resources Manager 

Keith comes from a background of computer aided graphics, working abroad for clients such as MTV, The International Boat Show, Barclays European Properties and The Cannes Film Festival. Years later he joined London Borough of Newham as a service ICT Technician and held various roles and responsibilities which included supporting 68 primary schools across the borough. Keith then joined The Tapscott Learning Trust and is responsible for the smooth running and fit for purpose network infrastructure of the schools within the Trust. He brings over 17 years hands on experience of working within schools, ensuring that the ICT networks deliver a first class teaching and learning experience for all staff and children. At present, he is migrating our schools to cloud based technology via Google to equip our children with skills for the future.

Georgia Marshall - Communications & Media Officer

Georgia joined the Tapscott Learning Trust with a background in communications and marketing.

As Communications & Governance Officer, Georgia leads on communication channels for parents, students, and staff. Having joined the Trust in 2021, she is responsible for managing social media campaigns, newsletters, events and other communications materials both internal and external.

Shazidur Rahman - Executive Business Manager Operations

I have been working in the London Borough of Newham since 1997 in various capacities. I started working at Kensington Primary School in 2011 as a School Business Manager. The school became part of The Tapscott learning Trust in 2017 and my current role consists of supporting the schools in our Trust with Operational, Health and Safety, Facilities and Data Protection as well as continuing my role as a School Business Manager at Kensington Primary School. 

Taz Mansuria - Executive Business Manager Finance

With a Level 7 in Strategic Management and Leadership and 15 years Management/Leadership experience in varied industries and fields, Taz's current role is in management of the Finances at Trust level, working closely with the Finance Director to deliver effective support to the schools within the Trust, enabling them to deliver the best opportunities for our pupils.

His spare time is spent enjoying writing and being around my loved ones, whilst getting a great deal of job satisfaction knowing he is able to give back to the very Education Sector that provided me with the tools to be successful.  

Helen Harris - Lead SENCo, Autism Education Trust Training Lead

Helen has received the Pearson National Teaching Silver Award for Excellence in Special Needs Education.

Helen believes that people should come first and endeavours to understand the individual pupils, parents and staff she works with in order to support them to overcome the challenges that they face. She aims to continuously reflect in creative and innovative ways on working practice so that as much time as possible is spent on working with people whilst still maintaining high standards of practice with regards to the special educational needs code of practice and other statutory requirements.

Helen Harris is Lead SENCo at Kensington Primary School in East Ham and takes a lead in SEND across the trust. She started her teaching career in 1994 and undertook the NASENCo in 2001 during its first round. In this time she has worked in several London boroughs. During her time in Newham she has had extensive experience of working with pupils on the autistic spectrum and with their families. In the past she oversaw the running of an ASD resourced provision. She has been part of the successful leadership teams of several schools throughout their improvement journey’s including her current school. She now draws on this experience to deliver Autism Educational Trust training and support other to develop their SEND practice.  

Noori Khanom -  Project Officer

Noori started at Curwen Primary School in 2015 as an Administrative Assistant. A year later she was promoted to Office Manager and has now moved onto a role within The Tapscott Learning Trust as Project Officer. 


The Tapscott Learning Trust, Atlas Road, London E13 0AG
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