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Tapscott Learning Trust

Tapscott Learning Trust

North Beckton Primary School



Harrier Way, Beckton, London,  E6 5XG
020 7473 3344

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North Beckton Primary School has recently undertaken significant changes which includes the new leadership team of Paul Harris, Advisory Executive Headteacher, and Alison Helm, Head Teacher.

We are a multi-cultural inclusive school, which promotes a safe, caring, challenging and creative environment.  Our aim is to develop independent, responsible pupils who have respect and environmental awareness and who are equipped with the skills needed to contribute positively to their community and be productive global citizens. We have high standards and expectations for ourselves and our pupils who are supported in partnership with parents/carers.

The Staff and Governors are fully committed to providing the best education and opportunities for all pupils and we hope that all parents/carers and the children will fully support the aims and objectives of the school to ensure that time at school is happy, successful and fulfilling. Successful schools are founded on the partnership between staff, parents and pupils.

The Tapscott Learning Trust, Atlas Road, London E13 0AG
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