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Pupil Parliament

The 2018/19 Pupil Parliament met for the first time on the 9th October and is currently made up from  3 members from each school, who were elected onto their own school’s Council.

The group’s first job was to look at and discuss each school’s current SDP (School Development Plan)and then to come up with three with three main target areas to work on for the year.  The agreed areas are:

·         Promoting the Pupil Parliament

·         Agreeing on a shared community project

·         Presenting to the Trustees

The first meeting also included work for pupils understanding their roles as leaders of their School Councils as well as expectations for Chairs and Vice Chair. 

Plans for the UK Parliament Week were also put together. Each school came up with ideas to be implemented during the week, which begins on 12th November 2018. Task checklists were created and roles were allocated to allow pupils to take responsibility over their ideas. 

A trip was then arranged for the Pupil Parliament to go to Westminster in order for pupils to understand the purpose of our parliament and the systems that are followed to ensure a democratic country. 

Pupil Parliament 2018/19


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