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Tapscott Learning Trust

Tapscott Learning Trust

Our Values

We value outstanding education, which we believe is the right of every child irrespective of social, economic or demographic factors.

We have high expectations of both pupils and staff and create environments in which they can work together to bring about the best outcomes.

We believe in supporting and challenging staff to develop their careers with us through well-structured CPD and opportunities to collaborate and progress.

We are committed to giving young people a voice within their education, and our school structures ensure that it gets heard at the highest level within the Trust.

We support diverse schools to join our Trust based on our shared educational vision, not an expectation that all Trust schools should be the same.

We accept our responsibilities to the wider communities in which our schools exist, and believe we have a positive role to play in making those communities better places to live. Our ambition is that every Trust school will be the school of choice for local parents.

The Tapscott Learning Trust, Atlas Road, London E13 0AG
020 3108 0326