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Secondary Schools

Training course are listed below

Headteachers Briefings

Over the last two years, we have provided HT/SLT briefings as the need has arise. These will probably be two or three per year as the need arises in consultation with headteachers.

Secondary Schools

On Request

RSHE Advisors Time

1 hour advisors time

Half day advisors time

Full day advisors time

Staff meeting, training or support with parent meetings

Prices will vary between partnership and non-partnership schools. 

Secondary Schools

On Request

RSHE Network Meetings

3 half day meetings - priced £150 per meeting

From 1:30pm - 4:30pm at Plashet Secondary School on via Zoom accordingly

Secondary Schools

Available Dates

  • Thursday 12 May 2022


SEND Project Advice on RSHE

Throughout 2020/21 Dr Jo Sell has led a working group of advisors and school SEND specialists to create advice and support for schools in their teaching of RSHE to pupils with SEND.

This is priced for advice paper outside the partnership.

Secondary Schools


Tender Training Spring Term 2022 Provision

Newham has the second highest level of domestic abuse in London and our children and pupils say that relationships are a concern for them. This training will support teachers to find some of the ways to tackle these issues in your schools, either through RSHE, drama, or in a cross curricular approach. Delivered by Tender, an acclaimed charity working with schools across London.
The sessions will include:
AM. Information giving and strategies for schools
PM. Bespoke training for separated primary and secondary colleagues to learn methods and activities for working with children and young people in your school

Prices will vary between partnership & non-partnership schools

Secondary Schools

On Request

TRANS* Project Advice

In Summer Term 2021, Dr Jo Sell had worked with individuals and organisations to put together an advice document on our Newham 'pupil-sensitive' approach around Trans* identities.

This is priced for advice paper outside the partnership

Secondary Schools


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