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Working together, achieving for all

The Tapscott Learning Trust exists in order to advance education, for public benefit.  The Trust consists of four primary schools within London Borough of Newham, working in a very successful partnership together. As an academy trust, we are principally regulated by the Department for Education and are exempt from registration with the Charity Commission although we do not have a charity number, and do not appear on the charity register.

Each of our schools has a separate Funding Agreement with the Secretary of State for Education, which sets out how they will operate.  We have a robust set of governance arrangements in place to ensure that our Trust and our schools deliver an excellent education for all, for the public benefit.  All arrangements regarding our governance are detailed on the trust documents page of our website. 

Latest News

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    Pupil Parliament meet with Juniper Ventures

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    Join Ranelagh for their Olympic themed Sports Day Parade

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    Curwen's Place of Worship Competition

  • 22 Jun 2022

    Draw your surroundings with North Beckton