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Izabella's Story - Ranelagh Primary

I am Izabell Caetano and I am in Year 5.

The thing that I absolutely love about the school is that we always have the chance to speak like we want.  We get lots of opportunities to learn and share our learning and if we don’t understand anything we are given a chance to ask for help.  

We are a diverse school. We are also given a chance to work with different children, for example - In Year 4 I asked if I could work with children with needs.“Miss, can I be their partner ?” I asked this not because I wanted to have my lunch early, but because I wanted to spend time with them and be someone who wants to understand how they feel.

The school is amazing in lots of ways, and one of them is that they have lots of changes including the new drama studio and our new music teacher.  We love having new children and visitors coming round and looking at how our school functions. 

Our school is unique, and we have lots of activities to explore. We do work with other children in trust schools too. For instance, when working with other peers and students in our Trust and the others in Newham, usually every half term, we have a meeting to discuss healthy eating, physical and mental health and how we can make our schools even better (I  mean it’s already AMAZING!!!).

Something about myself: I feel I am a 
Well read / spoken person
And finally I have a MASSIVE heart! Plus to be honest, it doesn’t matter what you become as long as you like what you are doing, your dreams come true and you are HAPPY!!!!!!!