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Ms Welburn's Story - Ranelagh Primary

I am part of Ranelagh Primary School - a founding school of the Trust. I was seconded from another school in January 2012 to support and work with  Key Stage 1 and develop English across the school. 

I am now the Deputy Head of Ranelagh, I lead on Teaching and Learning for Ranelagh and am Interim​ Head Teacher for Home Learning across the Trust - my role is to co-ordinate, support and develop each school's excellent home learning provision which was exceptional in the run-up and during lock down 3.0. Alongside this, I am an Education for Change Facilitator and Lead for the Trust. Education for Change ensures schools provide high-quality, practical opportunities to explore diversity and racial issues in a meaningful way.

I would absolutely recommend The Trust. At the heart of our Trust is the child. Not just their academic progress, which is absolutely essential, but the child as a whole. The child who is creative; the child who is mentally well and the child who is physically healthy. The child ,who leaves any school in our Trust, is a child who is confident, kind and completely understands their role in being global citizen.

Our Trust schools are different and are allowed to be different as long as they design their curriculum with the child’s holistic development at the very core. Many Trusts design a curriculum that they transpose to all schools within their Trust. Our CEO supports the schools to modify, tweak and develop their school for their families and community. I think this makes our Trust unique. 

All our staff have amazing CPD. All schools thrive due to inter school support. Ranelagh has learned so much from the other schools in the Trust and the strategies and approaches that Ranelagh uses, has also supported staff within the trust.  ECTs and teachers in their first years are given support and training.There are network meetings for Subject leaders to analyse and discuss current educational research and pedagogical approaches to their area.The collaboration between all schools is equal, supportive and deeply rooted in the Trust's vision - children leave primary school in any of our schools in the trust with a sense of who they are, where they fit in our vibrant community and what the children can do to make the Trust, their community and their world a better place.. Working together, achieving for all.