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Jasmine's Story - Kensington Primary

My name is Jasmine, I'm in Kensington Primary School (Y6). Things I like about my school are:

1. Variety of educational activities 

2. Amount of fitness we get 

3. Value of educational visits

4. New healthy lunch menu

Some of the people I have worked with are different pupils at physical health competitions. However, I have also worked with different children at school councils meeting with Nextgen. This term, school have worked on more inspiring lessons. We also learnt about our United Kingdom politics. Some of my goals as a student leader are to get more lessons on black history so everyone knows who changed history for black people. I am trying to improve fitness lessons. When I grow up, I would like to be a gold star Olympic runner. My school is helping my by working on those skills in physical health lessons and having a race on sport day.