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Omer's Story - Kensington Primary

My name is Omer and I am in year 6. At my school, some of the many things I enjoy are: that we built an air raid shelter, regulation stations, trips (e.g. Purfleet Military Museum), winter fair, school lunches and writing. I work with others across the trust when we did the Nextgen meeting. During the autumn, school council at Kensington Primary has been engaging. We have been going to VE6 (which is a community cafe) for our meetings to learn about parliament in the UK, bag food and personal items for homeless people and plan a mural. Some of my goals as student leader are: raise money for refugees and to let everybody's voices be heard. When I grow up, I want to be an engineer that works with circuits so I am focusing really hard on my maths and science and DT lessons.