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Ms Dyke's Story - Curwen Primary

I started at Curwen Primary in June 2005 as a Learning Support Assistant. Over my years here I have also been a Senior Nursery Nurse, an after school provision manager, a year 1 and year 2 teacher.  I’ve completed many courses and training services to work my way up within the school with their support. 

I am now a Learning Support Teacher, teaching reception children with Special Educational Needs. I also carry out assessments across the Trust and diagnose Autism and ADHD.

I would 100% recommend our Trust to anyone looking for a school for their children - to the extent of enrolling my own children to our partnership nursery, Rebecca Cheetham, then on to Curwen Primary. It shows how good the schools are if staff want their own children to attend in order to access the amazing wide curriculum and ethos. 

Every time I enter another school in our Trust that isn’t my ‘home school’ (Curwen) I am always welcomed and feel like I belong. Children say hello and hold open doors for me, even when they don’t know who I am. People are helpful and everyone works hard for the children. They are our priority. 

I work closely with our SENCo and a large team of people who are dedicated to support children who need extra care and guidance. When we need help, there’s always someone to step in and give a hand with anything. We have a good sense of humour, which is important for well-being, and all come with a range of knowledge. If I’m not sure on something within my role, it’s knowing who the best person is to go to, to get the support and answers.  I love my job-supporting children, parents and staff and. I’m grateful for the community and friends I’ve made over the years doing what I love.