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Youla's Story - North Beckton Primary

My name is Youla and right now I am currently in year 6. I like that all the teachers are so kind and understanding to others and try to help as much as they can. We do work with other schools in the trust like Curwen and Kensington but mostly Curwen. We hold a bounce back day every year and Curwen comes and they play with us at our school, and sometimes we go to their school. When I grow up I want to open my own hairdressing parlour and do people's hair. So I guess I want to open my own business. That is one of my options or my other options are to be a vet, a marine biologist, a physiologist or a dog groomer. My school can help me to achieve that by being supportive about anything that any of us want to be when we grow up. They also encourage that you can do anything.