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People In Our Trust

November 2021

  • Edward's Story - Ranelagh Primary

    Published 29/11/21, by Noori Khanom
    Edward is a Parent Governor at Ranelagh Primary School. The atmosphere and supportive ethos of Ranelagh really made it stand out for Edward compared to the other schools he visited. It maintains that local, almost village, community feel, even in a b
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  • Heather's Story - Curwen Primary

    Published 22/11/21, by Noori Khanom
    I am Heather. I am 9 years old and I am in Year 5. The thing I like most about school is Art. I have been an Arts Ambassador for the school and enjoyed working on art projects with other children. I work with other children from the Trust
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  • Ms Welburn's Story - Ranelagh Primary

    Published 15/11/21, by Noori Khanom
    I am part of Ranelagh Primary School - a founding school of the Trust. I was seconded from another school in January 2012 to support and work with  Key Stage 1 and develop English across the school.  I am now&nbs
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  • Chun's Story - North Beckton Primary

    Published 07/11/21, by Noori Khanom
    Chun is a Parent Governor at North Beckton Primary School. Two things that drew Chun to choose the school for her children were the proximity of the school and the Ofsted rating after the change of management. Chun got involved with the governing
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  • Izabella's Story - Ranelagh Primary

    Published 01/11/21, by Noori Khanom
    I am Izabell Caetano and I am in Year 5. The thing that I absolutely love about the school is that we always have the chance to speak like we want.  We get lots of opportunities to learn and share our learning and if we don’t understand
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November 2021