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VE Day Celebrations (at a distance)

The 8th May 1945 was the day peace emerged after nearly six years of war, so the 75th anniversary on 8th May 2020 marked an important milestone in our history.

Of course, the current Covid-19 crisis, a milestone in history in itself, prevented many planned celebrations and events from going ahead this year.

Instead, children across the Tapscott Learning Trust celebrated VE Day 2020 a little bit differently. Families created and shared videos of singing and dancing, 1940s styles, socially distanced street parties were held for key worker children still in school and distance learning was planned by teachers, so that children could understand the significance of the day and try to empathise with those who lived through VE Day 1945.

It may not have been what was planned, and we would have rather been together, but it was a chance for our children and communities to learn about history, to reflect upon the challenges faced and the resilience shown by those who came before and to come together, in the ways that we currently can, as a community.

Click here to view VE Day Celebrations at Ranelagh Primary School