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'Write Your Own Future' - An open letter of support

Our children and young people need hope. They need to know we understand what is important to them and will be there to support them. As Headteachers, teachers, parents, CEOs and stakeholders we have written this open letter to all young people.

The past year has been a year of relentless challenges. It has been undoubtedly tough, yet, we have repeatedly been blown away by the immense kindness, infinite strength and immeasurable generosity of our students, parents/carers and staff members.

Mr Levinson (Head Teacher - Kensington Primary School)  has written an open letter in partnership with the 'Well Schools Network' to share a message of hope and positivity - challenging the negative messages and voices that are being so frequently shared. Please take some time to read, support and share this letter with children, colleagues, parents, carers and anyone and everyone!