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TTLT Bikeability Scheme

The Tapscott Learning Trust is now a registered provider for cycle training courses. The courses are delivered as Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 of the National Standard for Cycle Training.

Level 1 is covered in a traffic free environment and teaches basic cycle skills and bike maintenance.

Level 2 moves on to quiet roads with real traffic conditions for children aged 10 and over. Before moving on to Level 2, trainees have successfully passed Level with confidence. In these sessions, participants will cover skills, such as, passing a parked car, passing a side road, and turning left into a major road.

Upon completion of the Bikeability course, children receive a certificate and badge for the level that they complete.

Bikeability is a mark of quality and commitment to teaching an important life-skill, and is the only nationally recognised cycle training award scheme.

Cycling is a great way to get around, get some physical exercise, and reduce the amount of time spent stuck on the bus or car sharing.

Being a Bikeability provider means that you’ll be getting ready to enjoy all the benefits of cycling – quicker and low cost journeys, fun rides you can make with friends and family, and less time wasted in the car, or waiting for a bus.

What this means for the Trust is that we have National Standard trained instructors that operate within the Bikeability quality assurance system to deliver better and safer cycling to young children so that they are equipped to cycle confidently on and off road.

Bikeability is the only government-recognised cycle training scheme, underpinned by national standards. Bikeability is therefore a quality mark for cycle training, identifying cycle training delivered to the highest standards.