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Pupil Parliament Meeting & Workshop

The Pupil Parliament met on 4th December at Curwen Primary School to reflect on the UK Parliament Week and share their Community Project Proposals.

The members had an opportunity to share their UK Parliament Week planning and outcomes from their schools.

Ranelagh Primary School organised a debate week across the school where children learnt about the UK Parliament and the System of Democracy in the UK and debated on their chosen topic. Kensington Primary School shared their Resilience Books across the school for the children to read and understand the importance of the British Values. Curwen Primary School invited West Ham MP - Lyn Brown to their school which provided children with an excellent opportunity to interact with a Member of Parliament and learn about her experiences and views.  

Members of the Pupil Parliament then proposed and discussed about the possible Community Project to support, linked with the We School Project.

‚ÄčThe meeting ended with an excellent Public Speaking workshop led by Jacque Robertin (Trustee) which helped children to develop important key skills of Public Speaking and Team Work. The Pupil Parliament members are thankful for the brilliant workshop which will help them prepare for their roles and future tasks.

On 18th December, the team will be attending the TTLT Trustees’ meeting to share information about their role and the projects they are supporting.