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Kensington's Year 6's Trip to Fairplay House

For the first time, our year 6 children were at FairPlay House for a whole week this week and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. They learnt how to work in teams, overcome challenges, face their fears, support each other and make independent choices. Children enjoyed: High Ropes, Woodland Games, Zip Wire, Orienteering, Caving and much more. Well done children and staff.

Apart from taking part in different activities, they also had to set up for breakfast, lunch and dinner, make their own beds and wash up! Sometimes they even had to make their own sandwiches for lunch.

For some children this is the first time away from home and they have grown in confidence, independence and maturity.

SA in Y6P, said “caving was challenging because I had to go in tiny gaps and find a way to squeeze through”.

Also, LR in Y6B “the big swing was challenging because I had to be at a certain height which was frightening and I overcame my fears and never gave up”.

ER in Y6P said “ the big swing was challenging to ride to the top and the adrenaline I got made me feel that I can do it, which I did. Overall I really enjoyed FairPlay House”.

JP in Y6B, “I found the big swing very challenging, I have also had a massive fear of heights and seeing others go on it made me even more fearful. However, I decided to try with my friends encouraging me and I did it twice”.

Sounds like they've all had a lot of fun!