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This training course is designed to give support and guidance for those staff involved in the admission and induction of pupils with English as an Additional Language. It contains key information and strategies for teachers and teaching assistants with the aim of giving a consistent approach to the admission and induction procedures.

Training Coverage Includes:

1.  Key issues affecting new arrivals EAL pupils

2.  Looking at school systems and procedures for new arrivals

3.  Admission process - First day - first two weeks

4.  Approaches into induction teaching

5.  Useful resources and websites

Training Dates: The Admission Process and Induction of Newly-Arrived EAL pupils

Autumn Session: 12th November 2019 (AM only) (half day) £99 per delegate

Spring Session: 11th February 2020 (AM only) (half day) £99 per delegate

EAL In class Strategies

20th November 2019 (AM only)

Network Group Membership: 29th October 2019, 4th February 2020, 16th June 2020

Soofia Amin has been an ESOL lecturer since 2000 and has worked in Adult education for the past 13 years in Newham. She has been teaching a variety of levels in ESOL and has been involved in developing assessments.

Currently Soofia is working at Kensington Primary. She joined the school   in 2014 and leads on EAL, Mid-phase Admission and Community Engagement. Her role includes managing the mid-phase process, ensuring provision for EAL pupils is effective and that all EAL pupils are making good to outstanding progress. She also ensures parents have the support needed at school to help their children with their education. This is provided through maths, literacy and parenting courses.

Kensington Primary has a high mobility rate and over 90% of mid-phase admissions are from abroad. Their Ofsted report in 2016 cited:

The large numbers of pupils, who join the school at different times of year, often with very little English, make rapid progress. This is because the support for pupils who speak English as an additional language is superb. These pupils become fluent readers and writers and are able to tackle the same work as their peers within 11 months of starting school. For example, the winner and runner-up in a debating competition with local schools were both non-English speakers when they started at Kensington Primary.”‚Äč

Inspection report: Kensington Primary School, 12th—13th July 2016

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Access to the network group, plus two training sessions is £249. Individual Sessions are £99pp. To sign up, please click here or download below