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Minister of State Praises Curwen Primary for Top 3% Progress Scores

Curwen Primary School in Plaistow, Newham have received a letter of congratulations from Rt Hon Nick Gibb MP, the Minister  of State for School Standards, praising their outstanding end of key stage progress scores.

The results were published on 13th December, and showed scores of 3.3, 4.4 and 5.5 in reading, writing and maths respectively, placing the school amongst the top 3% of schools in the country.

Nick Gibb’s letter, addressed to Paul Harris, Curwen’s Executive Headteacher, said, “Thank you for your work in continuing the drive towards higher academic standards, and congratulations again to you and your staff for your commitment and success.”

Children in schools across the country are assessed in reading, writing and maths at the end of both key stage 1 (at age 7) and key stage 2 (at age 11). The progress measures, introduced in 2016, are a type of value added measure which compares schools’ results with those of other schools with pupils at similar starting points.This type of progress measure rewards schools for making progress with all of their pupils, whether they are low, middle or high attainers.

Scores are based around 0. A score of 0 means pupils make average progress, a positive score means pupils on average do better at KS2 and a negative score means pupils on average do worse at KS2 as those with pupils of similar starting points nationally.

Andi Smith, Trustee and Former Chair of Trustees at The Tapscott Learning Trust, said, “This is a tremendous accolade for the pupils, staff and LAB. Added to this, the pupils receive a well-rounded education and curriculum in the arts, sciences and global citizenship.”