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Emotional Health at Kensington

During February and March 2020, Kensington parents took part in two special, “Learn with your Child,” workshops, centred around Emotional Health. The purpose of the workshops was to inform and teach parents about the newly introduced strand of Curriculum K, Kensington’s trail-blazing new curriculum.

The workshops started with a talk from Zabina Riaz, Kensington’s Emotional Health Lead. The presentation explored the many ways in which children show their emotions through their behaviour, for example, showing worry by being distracted or “zoning out”. The groups explored the varied worries that children may experience, and some ways in which adults most effectively support children in dealing with these feelings.

After Mrs Riaz’s presentation, the children arrived - ready for some hands on Emotional Health learning, such as emotions charades. The activities were a chance for parents to explore the importance of Emotional Literacy skills, as well as experiencing first-hand the sorts of activities and learning that the children will be taking part in during their Emotional Health lessons.

The school has invested in a wealth of new books to allow children to explore the emotional spectrum through stories. Books such as, “The Huge Bag of Worries,” which helps children to explore anxiety, and “Lost and Found,” which illustrates feelings of loneliness, belonging and friendship, were available for parents to browse and share with their children.