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Tapscott Learning Trust

Tapscott Learning Trust

Kensington have fun at Fair Play House

Year 6s at Kensington have had a brilliant time at Fair Play House this week. The three day residential trip consisted of lots of fun outside activities. 

Fair Play House provides a wide range of outdoor experiences for Primary Schools. The activities at Fair Play House are designed with focus on three core values, RESILIENCE, TEAMWORK and INDEPENDENCE. Through these core values children are provided with an outdoor learning experience which allows them to grow and develop as individuals and become more confident and self-assured. Read on for an overview of the three days



Year 6 had a brilliant first day and evening at FairPlay house. The children enjoyed their first set of activities and everyone took part in the evening night walk. Children enjoyed a hot meal and all slept well.

‘The woodland games were amazing!’ Maariyah Y6P

‘I enjoyed leading the group during the night walk’ Fayzan y6E 


The children have been amazing. So well behaved, respectful and supporting one another. They all slept fine last night, and despite a few tired eyes this morning they've all had a fab second day. This evening they enjoyed spending time outside playing on the large fields on site, and enjoyed toasting marshmallows by a campfire. 


The children are having an amazing time at Fairplay House; please see below some quotes from our staff. 

‘That was the best, most sensible, calmest camp fire I have EVER experienced at Fairplay House.’

- Mr Pell

‘Best night’s sleep I’ve ever had at Fairplay House!’

- Mr Belcher

‘Kindest, most supportive, most positive group of Y6s I’ve ever had the pleasure to know.’

- Mr Levinson 

We would like to thank Mr Green, Mr Pell, Mrs Omole, Mr Belcher, Mr Levinson, Mr Rahman and Mrs Radakrishnan for giving up their time to help us this week. Thank you staff!


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