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Developing Coaching for Teaching & Learning

Effective professional development is strongly enhanced through collaborative learning and joint practice development’. Great professional development which leads to great pedagogy: nine claims from research – Stoll, Harris and Handscomb

Investing in a coaching and mentoring school programme is one of the most effective ways to improve the quality of teaching and learning across a school, and this is something we have done here at the Tapscott learning Trust. Many teachers involved subsequently change or develop aspects of their teaching which improves their pupils’ learning.

The programme takes place over 3 half days across the academic year giving time and opportunity to practice the strategies learned.

Some of the course content includes:

  • Evaluating current leadership practices and cultures within schools
  • Reviewing research and coaching models
  • Capturing a baseline and evaluating the skills of successful coaching
  • Developing a coaching approach and practising skills learned
  • Self-reflecting at key points of the process and developing next steps.

A Bespoke Programme

The unique thing about this programme is that it is both personal and bespoke to the teachers or leaders involved.
The programme is aimed at middle leaders or senior leaders who lead and develop other members of staff, as well as those who manage teams.

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