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Kensington Primary School


Kensington Primary School
Kensington Avenue
Manor Park
London E12 6NN

Telephone: 020 8470 2339
Fax: 020 8470 3414
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Message from Ben Levinson, Headteacher

Kensington Primary sits at the heart of the Manor Park community. As a school, we believe in THINKING. Therefore, we don’t do something because, ‘that’s what we’ve always done.’ We do it because we believe it is a better way; a more effective way. It is this approach that has allowed us to refine our efforts and ensure time and energy is used to maximise our impact on the lives of the children.

We know every child has the potential to succeed and we are hugely ambitious for each and every one. This means SATs results consistently in the top 5% of schools in the country. It also means cutting-edge programmes such as Kensington Leads, Kensington Cares and Kensington Futures, which are developing the skills of our children so that they can take up opportunities offered by our changing world, as well as creating their own!

Beyond this we provide a wide-range of extra-curricular clubs, teach Mandarin as a modern foreign language, and strive to inspire our children as often as possible. This has meant partnerships with UEL, UCL and LDE UTC Universities, as well as Plashet and Little Ilford secondary schools. We also work closely with the other schools in The Tapscott Learning Trust to further develop the quality of teaching and learning and our overall offer for our children and families.

 We are immensely proud of our school, but also know there is always more to do. It is this belief and our commitment to our children and the wider community that drives our THINKING and subsequent improvement.

Ofsted said: 'The teaching of literacy is excellent. Teachers expertly illustrate what they expect pupils to achieve and set sharp literacy targets so that pupils know what they are aiming for.' (July 2016)