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Our Learning Walks and Excellence Days Series

The TTLT Training Hub delivers a series of learning walks in different educational settings throughout the year. These 'Excellence Days' are opportunities to look, in detail, at a particular area of expertise within one of our settings. The Learning Walks are facilliated by one of our Trainers and are designed to prompt discussions and reflections about different areas of our educational practice.  As an organisation, we believe there isn't just 'one way' to do anything, and the purposes of these visits are to enable the participants to discuss what good practice looks like and ways to possibly implement small improvements back in their own settings. These learning walks are open to all members of staff, from within TTLT and beyond, and we are always looking to develop partnerships beyond our own organisation so that we can learn from different types of settings.

Please have a look through our leaflet in the link below and if you'd like to be involved then contact us via our Training Enquiry Form