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Tapscott Learning Trust

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Student SACRE 2021

Course Details

Available Dates:

  • Tuesday 19 January 2021

Whole Course Dates:
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Day 4: 
Day 5: 4th May 2021
Day 6: 14th June 2021

Per Delegate

Cost: £500 per annum

Student SACRE gives students the opportunity of developing leadership skills through the time that they attend.

Student RE Matters provides schools with the opportunity to:

- Promote dialogue between young people of differing religions and world views and cultures, supporting collaborative work and

Contribute to community benefit, as it seeks to develop young people's skills in understanding their concerns and provides a place for them to learn to become a initiator and developer of solutions.

The Tapscott Learning Trust, Atlas Road, London E13 0AG
020 3108 0326